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It is an ideal oil for use with the vast majority of foods , taking into account that you know how to appreciate its aroma. Making a perfect pairing with stews, stews, pickled . Its large amount of antioxidants gives it great resistance to high temperatures in the kitchen and is perfect for preparing raw or cooked foods.
For those who know how to appreciate strong flavors in olive oils, they can find the perfect ally in Picual oil. It is a powerful and full-bodied oil that may not be liked by people who are not used to consuming olive oil. However, just a small amount on your plate can make a difference. Our Picual is neither bitter nor spicy.


Our Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterized by an intense green color.
The oil is not filtered. Unfiltered olive oils contain polyphenols , whose antioxidant effects are considered highly beneficial to health. It is possible to store it for 12 months and more if it is kept in a cool and dark place. After a short time a deposit forms at the bottom of the bottle, this is typical of unfiltered oils and does not affect the quality of the oil in any way.

Own harvest, own mill, direct sale

You have the opportunity to buy directly from the mill store in La Fresneda. Only the harvest classified by type has been used and the extraction of the oil has been carried out in a few hours. Here each olive is cared for from the pruning of the trees, through flowering, to harvesting and oil extraction.

Our Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from one of the most important olive varieties in Spain, but less known in Matarraña. Its name refers to the shape of the beak that the fruit shows.


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