Molino del Gil, AOVE Empeltre, 5000ml

Own harvest 2023/24 : Extra virgin olive oil, 100% Empeltre , unfiltered, direct sale from the GIL mill, without intermediaries

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family selection

GIL 1900 oil represents the exclusivity of the oil contained in its bottles. This oil, extracted from olives harvested by hand of the Empeltre type from centuries-old and millennial trees of the Gil family, rewards with a special taste experience that inspires the imagination.
These ancient trees have been declining in olive farming over the years because they are too big for harvesting machines. Gil 1900 is the result of our efforts to care for and preserve these treasures of the history of our ancestors and the tradition that they carry. They bear fruit that have a different and more intense aroma compared to younger trees.

taste and use

The Empeltre of the Gil 1900 line is a milestone for connoisseurs of olive oil and lovers of distinctive flavors and is destined to be the star of the table.
It is a variety with an emblematic flavor and aroma . Due to the expensive harvesting process and the limited number of trees chosen for the 1900 mark this is an exclusive offer. The production of this oil is limited to a small number of bottles per year . The softness of Empeltre Gil 1900 makes our oil the perfect complement for your culinary creations.