The Gil family has been the sole owner of the mill since 1900 and currently cultivates around 6,000 trees . This autonomy has made its oil one of the most acclaimed over the last 122 years in Aragon. The oil is sold directly to the consumer and gastronomy without intermediaries. Now also available online!

This allows control of all steps from growth, harvest to distribution. As a small family business it is not always easy to preserve this autonomy, which is why we now want to offer our products internationally as well. Above all, in the hope that his decision to buy directly from the producer is combined with the good feeling of ensuring the existence and independence of one of the few small family businesses in the sector.

How is a good olive oil produced?

Only the best olives, healthy and harvested at the ideal moment, are used to produce the extra virgin olive oil produced at Molino del Gil. The harvest season begins when the olives acquire a reddish-violet hue. The olives obtained have to be processed in the mill a few hours after harvesting in order to guarantee the excellent quality of the oil.

The olives are washed and crushed together with their pits. The resulting mass is then centrifuged to separate the oil from the water in the fruit. The important thing in this process is to carry it out in a short period of time, at a temperature of around 24 degrees and with the least amount of oxygen possible to avoid a premature oxidation process.