The Gil family has trees of three different varieties, which differ both in the appearance of the trees and their fruit and in the oil obtained from them.

Picual (Olea europaea variety): is one of the main varieties grown in Spain, mainly in the southern regions. It is a tree of great vigor, with short branches and very resistant to frost. The fruit is medium to large in size and has an average weight of 3 grams. Its large amount of antioxidants gives it great resistance to high temperatures in the kitchen and is perfect for preparing raw or cooked foods. For those who know how to appreciate strong flavors in olive oils, they can find the perfect ally in Picual oil. It is a powerful and full-bodied oil that may not be liked by people who are not used to consuming olive oil. However, just a small amount on your plate can make a difference.

Empeltre (variety of Olea europaea): it is a very well known variety in Spain - it is a medium vigorous tree, hardy but sensitive to heavy frosts during the winter. The olive has an elongated shape, asymmetrical and slightly pumped on the back. Its name derives from the Catalan word "empelt", referring to the best way to multiply this variety: grafting. It is one of the most appreciated varieties in the world for its quality, size and consistency for consumption as table olives. Empeltre olive oil is characterized by a strong yellow color, which is probably the reason for its name "liquid gold". Undoubtedly, empeltre olive cultivation is one of the most deeply rooted in Matarraña.

Arbequina (variety of Olea europaea): the Arbequina olive tree is of medium-low vigor and open bearing. Vigor can be increased to a medium-low level in areas with short winters. The olive is symmetrical and spherical in shape. When the fruit reaches maturity, the skin has a dark black color. It is ideal for consumers who appreciate the aroma of this green olive oil, but find the Picual type too intensive. It is suitable for use in salads, aioli or pure and direct consumption with bread, the latter being a typical type of consumption in the Matarraña area.


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